PEN Fake News Vol. 1

Welcome to the first installment of the 100% always true completely fake news. This first episode of the PEN Fake news coincides with PEN reset v3 which is currently a few weeks deep with season 11 about to get under way on 19/05/17. Today, as the official news partner of Pro Evo Network we can officially confirm that the reset was the a...

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FAF'ing Around!

Following the completion of over 170 transfers within a frenzied 24 hours of the Season 11, Post-Reset, Transfer Window opening,  wide-eyed, weary PEN junkies could be forgiven for seeking a calmer Friday morning browsing the forum over their cornflakes, but the establishment had other ideas... It was time to inject – it was time to introduce the FAFs!

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From Rags to Slags

Everyone loves a fairy tale, even the hardened mans-man. Recently we have seen a flurry of newcomers come into the PEN fold, and some have been surprisingly good. A few have had the best possible impact, with back-to-back promotions from Division 2 right up to the Premiership. Rdotman, djtruckstop, kitchengun and sunzibad to name a few. I managed to catch...

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Winner Stays On

Introduced during Season 10, the WSO tournament is a simple yet competitive addition to the PEN community. The idea is simple; one person holds the title and trys to win as many game as he can. When he loses, his streak ends. The real challenge is to see who gets the highest streak. To make things even better, the holder...

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Superstars of the Reset

Before the Reset the league was flush with superstars, the likes of Thiago Silva, Willian, Benzema and Buffon roamed the PEN plains laying waste to underpowered teams with their sheer slagginess. However, the Reset has removed these colossi from the food chain and a new age of mid-range beasts now take centre stage.  So who, in this post-slagalyptic wasteland, are the...

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Goal of The Month

Welcome back to Goal of the month! March's goal not only brings the curtain down on Season 10 but significantly a...

GOTM returns and in emphatic style, style being the operative word as this month’s offering comes to us from the...

January's Goal of the Month comes courtesy of manual maestro Rdotman, whose Rabona effort by Vladimir Weiss is your winner. I caught...

Ah... December usually synonymous with Christmas and the Queen's speech - well this month's winning goal is certainly a cracker...

Latest News

PEN Radio Returns

Pro Evo Network Radio returned today with Chucka & Rambovanhardnut back on the microphone, evaluating and dissecting everything PEN. This episode touched on the forthcoming league campaign, the reset, a...

07-05-2017 Hits:49 PEN News DavoteK - avatar DavoteK

The Man, The Myth, DavoteK

Some see him as a saviour and some see him as a knob, whatever you see there's no denying that the man has created a community for fellow PES gamers...

04-05-2017 Hits:109 PEN News SAMCRO925 - avatar SAMCRO925

PS4 League News

No Hassle for the Hoff!!!

Pro Evo Network's season 11 is just about to get into full swing and we decided to catch up with our favourite Scotsman Samcro925 aka Daz, after some wheeling and...

21-05-2017 Hits:12 PS4 League News SAMCRO925 - avatar SAMCRO925

The Rage Quitter

No one likes to lose a game of PES but the man from the Netherlands Lisoti takes the biscuit, legend has it he once threw a chair out his window after...

08-05-2017 Hits:90 PS4 League News SAMCRO925 - avatar SAMCRO925

Xbox League News

Xbox Blog - Edition 6

As a famous man (or child) once said. Back once again for the renegade master, D4 damager, power to the people. Back once again for the renegade master,D4 damager, with...

09-05-2017 Hits:121 Xbox League News Scottish Champ - avatar Scottish Champ

Xbox Blog - Edition 5

Welcome back for another look into and around the PEN Xbox league. Our season reboot is well under way and the results have been flying in thick and fast for...

01-03-2017 Hits:290 Xbox League News Dortaboy - avatar Dortaboy

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